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About YieldPlot

Founded in September of 2015 YieldPlot is a trusted community database for people to share and gather corn and soybean test plot information, online or from a mobile phone or tablet.

A revolutionary new way to search for seed test plot data.

Whether you are a grain farmer in North Dakota, Pennsylvania, or anywhere in between, YieldPlot has the power to help you to make smarter seed-buying decisions for your specific area; as well as connect you with a seed salesman who can offer you the products that you see best fit for your operation. YieldPlot connects people with seed plot information from more than 14 states and 50 different seed companies.  With customer service you would expect from an agriculture business and a growing community of users including seed professionals and farmers, Yieldplot is the easiest way for farmers to see plot information for their specific area from a large variety of seed companies.

We bring seed reps closer to the farmers they serve.

YieldPlot serves as an extremely useful and affordable marketing tool for seed representatives. With a YieldPlot subscription, seed reps are able to upload up to 20 plots and side-by-sides into the YieldPlot data base. With these plots, seed representatives are able to showcase their products, and themselves. Seed reps have the ability to create a profile including their contact information and additional services they may offer to market directly to farmers in their area who are using YieldPlot.

Market Your Seed Business On Yieldplot

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